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Maison d'hôtes traditionnelle à Krousonas Psiloritis Mountain

Bienvenue à Arodamos



Dans une région montagneuse originale de l’île de la Crête, on a créé  les installations nécessaires pour l’hébergement de ceux qui veulent s’évader de la ville et venir proche à la nature.


Arodamos est situé dans le plateau « Livadi » du village Kroussona, un endroit d’une beauté naturelle particulière avec une riche  tradition liée à l’agriculture et à l’élevage des bétails.


Les deux ravins imposants, qui encadrent la région, et les sommets, qui s’élèvent  fiers autour du plateau, composent un relief montagneux particulier dans lequel la vie sauvage trouve refuge. C’est pourquoi la région est  caractérisée comme protégée par le programme Natura 2000.


De grands rapaces, comme  gypaètes et faucons, apparaissent souvent dans le ciel et celui, qui est témoin de leurs vols grandioses, a la chance d’être en contact avec la nature sauvage. Le plateau est décoré des arbres fruitiers, comme pommiers et poiriers, la plupart desquels sont de culture biologique et leurs fruits sont désormais fameux pour leur qualité et leur saveur.






It's a quiet relaxing place
“It's a quiet relaxing place”
There was a beautiful pool over looking the mountains. We had a wonderful day.
Lauren | Australia
This is a real gem high up in the mountains.
“This is a real gem high up in the mountains. ”
These people are extremely friendly and supply excellent Greek food. If you look for a quit place in a beautiful environment, this is the place to be.»
Pieter | Netherlands
The best place in 30 min from airport
“The best place in 30 min from airport”
The best place in 30 min from airport to feel mountains and calmness. Relax after long flight or beach vacation with the great family
2naive | Russia
Το μέρος είναι μοναδικό για ηρεμία, χαλάρωση και επαφή με τη φύση.
“Το μέρος είναι μοναδικό για ηρεμία, χαλάρωση και επαφή με τη φύση.”
Το μέρος είναι μοναδικό για ηρεμία, χαλάρωση και επαφή με τη φύση. Ο κ. Γιάννης, η κ. Ειρήνη και η Εύη μας πρόσφεραν την πιο ζεστή τους φιλοξενία. Το σπίτι που μείναμε ήταν πανέμορφο, άνετο, καθαρό και περιποιημένο, σαν ένα όμορφο εξοχικό. Στο Arodamos φάγαμε τα πιο καλομαγειρεμένα γεύματα με αγνές πρώτες ύλες. (ζυμωμένο ψωμί από δικό τους σιτάρι, ρυζόγαλο με φρεσκοαρμεγμένο γάλα, αντικριστό αρνάκι δικό τους κ.α.) Οπωσδήποτε θα επιστρέψουμε!!!!»
Elisavet | Greece
Οι οικοδεσποτες ειναι εξαιρετικα ευγενικοι και περιποιητικοι.
“Οι οικοδεσποτες ειναι εξαιρετικα ευγενικοι και περιποιητικοι.”
Προθυμοι παντα να απαντησουν σε ερωτησεις για την παραδοσιακη κρητικη ζωη.Ο Αροδαμος προτεινεται ανεπιφυλακτα σε οσους αναζητουν ξεκουραση και ηρεμια κοντα στη φυση.Ιδιαιτερα πλουσια τα γευματα,καλομαγειρεμενα.Οι κατοικιες ειναι πολυ ευρυχωρες,πολυ καθαρες και με υπεροχη θεα.»
Christina | Greece
Magnificent view, very quiet
“Magnificent view, very quiet”
excellent breakfast, very friendly staff. Note that the distance from Krousón is just 10km, but a 30 minutes drive. The road offers wonderful views, but is steep and somewhat scary
Uri | Israel
Tripadvisor review
“Tripadvisor review”
Me and my wife spent 5 days in Arodamos and I am lost for words to describe this experience. The place is a family run guesthouse with several villas a pool and a taverna. All of which are exceptional. All the food and wine is being prepared by the family from the products they make on the farm. We ate there (breakfast, lunch and dinner) much more than we have planned as the food was delicious. But above all that the attitude and hospitality of the entire family that runs this place was extraordinary. We want to say a special thank you to Evi for all her tips about Crete and to Minolis for an amazing rock climbing hike and a fun evening filled with great music, a fun conversation and of course some raki. It was also a great to make homemade cheese with Yanis as well as playing with the local donkey and all the other farm animals. The only thing to be aware off (nothing to do with the place but with the satellite internet available in the mountains in Crete) that in this part of Greece in most places the internet connection is rather slow, it will be enough to check your emails and google but it won't allow you to do much else (like skyping or downloading larger files). Thank you all, and we will be definitely coming back and recommending this amazing place to our friends.
Alex | England
Tripadvisor review
“Tripadvisor review”
I should really keep this place a secret but it's so beautiful I have to tell everybody! Yiannis and Irini were so welcoming and made us feel part of the family. The accommodation is reached by narrow, winding lanes with the final approach on dirt track but actually it isn't really that far from civilisation and well worth the journey. Irini is an incredible cook and provided us with some lovely meals, including her homemade bread in which she uses home grown wheat - this was beautiful. The sleeping accommodation is in individual houses which are very comfortable, having self catering equipment if you need it. We found our stay very relaxing and will definitely return.
Melanie | United Kingdom
Tripadvisor review
“Tripadvisor review”
What an experience! We were originally going to stay only one night but decided that as we were arriving in the evening we should stay two. As it turned out a great decision. Our arrival was somewhat problematic as our ferry from Naxos arrived 2 ½ hours late. Not only did this mean arriving at Arodamos much later but driving into the mountains in the dark rather than during daylight. This is relevant as Arodamos is about 8 km beyond Krousonas, the last 1 ½ km being along a gravel road. You really want plan to drive the houses in the light. Although we did not arrive until after 11:00 pm both Irini and Giannis were waiting for us, greeting us with drink, cheese and fruit – most welcoming.
Nsmoosehead | Canada
Tripadvisor review
“Tripadvisor review”
Just getting to Arodamos is breathtaking - it's in the mountains outside Krousonas. You can see the ocean as you climb higher, but don't take your eyes off the road because herds of goats and sheep regularly graze around the roads. I think the concept around Arodamos is to give you a real taste of traditional Cretan mountain life. The villas themselves are beautifully built and spacious inside. The light and electricity is solar and wind-powered. I highly recommend the breakfast. Just about everything served is made at Arodamos - right down to the wheat used in the bread. They provided us with everything we need to make our own Greek coffee in the kitchenette in our villa every day. Having the pool right at our doorstep was nice on hot days. The couple that run this place are generous people and proud Cretans. One evening they treated us to their own raki and a serenade complete with a lauoto. They also let us help them thresh wheat using a donkey. My son enjoyed trying out the loom and my wife did a bit of pottery. This place is so tranquil and such a nice break from the crowds on the beaches, but it's also close enough to beaches on both the north and south coast that you can spend your day at the beach. Arodamos is few degrees cooler, which is nice after spending your day in the sun. On a clear night, the sky is heavy with stars and all you can hear is the faint bleats and bells of goats and sheep.
Cootoo | Canada


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Our restaurant is small, likeable and sensual as it suits in atmosphere of mountain.

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4 juin 2015

Our restaurant is small, likeable and sensual as it suits in atmosphere of mountain.

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RESTAURANT Our restaurant is small, likeable and sensual as it suits in atmosphere of mountain.