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Location - one from 7 geoparks of Europe

Location - one from 7 geoparks of Europe

The agro-touristic hostels ’Arodamos” are found in Mountainous Malebyzi, a region with rich tradition  and unique rural andlivestock culture

Our hostels and the Plateau ’livadi’ of Krousonas are found in themountain range of  Psiloreiti which constitutes one from 7 geoparks Europe and in a region protected from the program Natura 2000 because the big biodiversity

The traditional rural residences are found in the Plateau “Livadi” of Krousonas. The plateau abstains 11 kilometres from Krousonas and Krousonas 20 kilometres from Irakleios. Τhe access is easy even for the low passenger cars. Krousonas is the last village that you will also meet from which you can take the last supplies, front you pull for the mountain. The street crosses Krousonas and goes up to the historical monastery of saint Irini, that is found 3 kilometres above the village. As long as the course is continued in side of top “Gournos”, the altitude goes up, the view grows and the look is stretched out in the Cretan landscape, from Asterousiamountains until Cretan sea and Lasithi mountains. Then, the street enters in the gorge of ’Gaidourorachi’, where the landscape becomes mountainous and wild. The calm comes back after three kilometres, when the plateau pops up from the “maskali ” of  livadi plateau. In the all way, from krousonas until the Arodamos rural hostels , exist labels, that will lead you







Arodamos guesthouse
Livadi Kroussona - Crete
Tel. (+30) 2811103269
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